P14/44b The Old and Forgotten a Disposable Generation

Their Story Matters and on Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guest Dr Don Lester. Originally Aired November 4th 2014

imagesSENIORSWe seem to throw away anything old today, we don’t mend repair revive or review what is old, only embrace what is new. This sadly is true of our older generation, once they do not serve society out they go into a home to hurry up and die. 

This has to stop, it is disgraceful and speaks to our today’s society in a bad way. The aged have earned their right to a dignified retirement and life exit and we cannot turn our heads any more to the way we treat those who paved the way for us.  Before you think of a retirement home listen in here and let us give dignity safety and respectful care to those who paved the way for us. 

me2-lrgDONDr. Don Lester PhD
Holistic Life Counsellor

Holds a certificate in seniors counselling from the Vancouver College of Counsellor Training. Which began his interest in helping seniors with their mental health issues. After correlating the research on seniors mental health issues by the Canadian Coalition for Seniors Mental Health and the Canadian Mental Health Society he became determined to make a difference for seniors everywhere.
Having personal experience with his mother-in-laws father going from independent living to fully assisted living at the age of 90 he became familiar with the plight of seniors as they went through the current system suffering in silence with anxiety and depression.
As the director of the senior’s counsellors association, he strives to raise awareness that seniors deserve respect and dignity where ever and whenever he can. Working to get seniors counselling whenever possible, allowing them to live happily, productively well into late life.
Published Author – Senior Living Magazine


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Don believes in lifelong learning. Has changed his own paths in life more than a couple of times and loves to share what he knows with those he meets.
He has more certificates, diplomas and degrees than anyone else he knows. Diploma – police sciences (Law Enforcement) Diploma – Natural Health Consultant. University of the Fraser Valley – Bachelor of Arts University of Sedona – Ph.D

Don Lester PhD, RPC, CTC

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