C15/40b Cooking changes Everything

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Darya Rose originally aired October 6th/15

Cooking changes everything says Darya Rose who is the creator of Summer Tomato.

The quality of time you spend in the kitchen is just the start of how learning to cook without recipes will change your life.


Health is central to the Foodist Kitchen philosophy

Although I have come to enjoy cooking for its own sake, and for the sense of warmth and connection it brings to my home, eating more Real Food and avoiding processed foods is still my top motivation for cooking.

It’s simply impossible to make the best food decisions on a regular basis unless you can cook and prepare Real Food. Foodist Kitchen will support you on this mission and help you build meals based on the Foodist Plate.

Darya is the author of Foodist and creator of Summer Tomato, one of TIME’s 50 Best Websites. She received her Ph.D in neuroscience from UCSF and her bachelor’s degree in Molecular and Cell Biology from UC Berkeley.

Darya helps people get healthy and lose weight without dieting. Because life should be awesome.

She spends most of her time thinking and writing about food, health and science. She eats amazing things daily and hasn’t even considered going on a diet since 2007.


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I’m also a neuroscience Ph.D and the author of Foodist. I recently moved from San Francisco to New York City with my husband Kevin Rose and our insanely adorable mini labradoodle, Toaster.

ROSE_Foodist_PBI spend most of my time thinking and writing about food, health and science. I eat amazing things daily and haven’t even considered “going on a diet” since 2007. I hover about 5-8 pounds below my original goal weight without much effort and am in better shape than I was at 20, which is totally awesome.

In 2010, I completed my Ph.D in neuroscience at UC San Francisco––my diploma is signed by Arnold Schwarzenegger. A little over a year before graduating I started writing about food, health and weight loss here at Summer Tomato, and by the time I graduated I had a new career.

My writing has been featured in several well-known publications and is frequently mentioned by many more. I received my bachelor’s degree in Molecular and Cell Biology from UC Berkeley and was recognized as one of the top students in my graduating class of 2003. I also play Zelda.

As you can see, I’m a total geek.

For 10 years I studied basic science in labs at UC Berkeley and UCSF. I have worked extensively with both human subjects and experimental animals, using a wide range of techniques to explore the basic biological functions of the brain.

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