Embracing the colours of our life



Life is colourful but we are inclined to only see black or white or just grey. We need to put on our rose coloured glasses and see the beauty of life and all it has to give. It is vibrant, alive, full of abundance and so inviting when we only see things from a dull perspective, you will never see the colour in life and never feel its warmth and vibrancy of the positive effects colour has on our psyche.


So wear something colourful, be inviting, be welcoming, be alive, for that tells others that you see life in a positive way and can and will be an asset to them because of it. No one wants dull grey energy, or severe black and white approach to life, and that is the message you’re sending when you wear dull clothes. So men add a colourful tie and shirt to your wardrobe, women stand out in colour and show the world how alive and approachable you really are. There is enough BLAR in life so awaken your wardrobe to awaken your life.

Here are some colours to add to your wardrobe and why it affects your mind body and soul. once-colourful-always-colourful

Step out in colour and colour your world positive.

Sara Troy


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