C17-28b Human Spirit Series Parenting Through Trauma

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Susan Hogarth, on air from July 11th

Susan Hogarth’s

The values of solution-focused coaching lie at Susan’s very core. She believes in the power of the human spirit, in that each and every person has the strength within themselves to overcome the struggles they face. Susan delivers high impact change with her ability to personalize each session for her client’s specific goals, which then anchors their future success. Her spirited, down-to-earth nature brings a level of ease and comfort to each session, where her clients come to realize that there is always laughter, even in the midst of crisis.

i-Sqnc92d-MSusan’s call to coaching came after experiencing great overwhelm, frustration, many sleepless nights and what seemed like a river of tears raising her two now adult sons, one with ADHD and the other Gifted. From long-term frustration with the school system to difficulty finding support during these trying times, Susan came to the realization that seeking external sources for solutions and focusing on fixing her children’s socially constructed problems was the wrong approach. By applying a solution-focused coaching philosophy to the challenges she was facing, Susan began to understand that the answers would come from within, but she needed to help herself before she could help those around her. She took a right hand turn out of the corporate world after 20 years to embark in a new direction which focused on her own personal development and inner strength, whereby all that she was struggling with became opportunities for tremendous growth not only for herself, but for those around her as well.


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Susan believes that making the decision to change was like tossing a stone into a pond and watching the ripples expand. The incredible achievement that she felt as a result of internalizing the tools and values of solution-focused coaching enabled her to identify her true passion and purpose. Susan now seeks to help others build the courage to toss a stone into their own pond and experience the ripple effect. Staying true to her passion for working within the family dynamic, Susan specifically pursues coaching with couples and families in crisis, and parents and families with gifted and at-risk youth. Her personal experience overcoming the challenges within her own family gives her the strong ability to understand and relate. Susan specializes in familial relationships and the expression of authentic self.

Susan’s coaching journey has led her to work with a diverse range of clientele, including those who suffer from trauma, such as families of first responders and military with PTSD. In addition, she has partnered with corporations to help build relationships among professionals. This variety has allowed Susan to expand her horizons and deepen her coaching skills, but her true passion remains working with the family. Susan continuously strives for improvement, and takes any opportunity she can to develop her education. She also plays an important role in her community, being the Canadian liaison for SENG (Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted). Susan’s long-term goal is to bring solution-focused coaching into schools and homes so that children can discover their gifts, create their own learning path and become part of a solution-focused culture.

Susan’s personal and professional development has built a solid foundation for her to offer a unique and integrative coaching approach to all of her clients. She is guided by her passions and lives by the ideal of creating change from within. Given the amazing opportunity to work with Susan, you will realize that she stands in her strengths, knows her purpose and is truly passionate about helping others make their visions a reality.

Professional Certifications:

  • ✓ International Coach Federation, PCC
  • ✓ Masters in Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • ✓ Erickson Certified Professional Coach
  • ✓ Certified EQ-i 2.0/EQ360
  • ✓ Family Coaching
  • ✓ High Performance Team Coaching
  • ✓ Trainers Training
  • ✓ Advanced Trainers Training
  • ✓ Advance of the Spirit
  • ✓ Four Quadrant Quantum Thinking
  • ✓ Light of the Enneagram
  • ✓ Freedom to Love
  • ✓ Introduction to PTSD – McGill University
  • ✓ Resolving the Impact of PTSD
  • ✓ Life Mastery
  • ✓ SENG Model Parent Group Facilitator
  • ✓ Sacred Gifts Certified Guide
  • ✓ Reiki level II Practitioner
  • ✓ Qigong Practitioner

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E-mail:                        susan@movingthehumanspirit.com

Web-site:                   www.movingthehumanspirit.com

Twitter:                       @movingths

Facebook:                 movingthehumanspirit

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