Standing Strong AND Happy in the Storm with Kimberly Braun


Say YES to MORE…more freedom, connection, joy, energy and peace

Hello my friends,

I was reflecting on the idea of ‘more.’ What do you think about the idea of more in life?
From one vantage point, if we give into the ever-growing desires that can run in so many directions our quest for more can take us away from the present moment.

And from another perspective, as human beings, we are ever changing and expanding. This means desiring more will always be a part of our life.

So how could we probe this in a way to support complete contentment in the perfection of the moment AND continue to evolve in the more-ness of life?

I have a video for you- FREE! Right now you can enjoy my own pondering on this topic.

This video gift for you is not just pondering, it is practical. I am a huge lover of new life coming into form, and this is quite practical! In the video offer some possible ways to engage living it in your own life.

All a gift, all today. Let me know what you think! I appreciate your thoughts and comments.

Now, this video will be followed by three more but if you are just hankering to watch them back to back you can! They are queued up on my Youtube playlist entitled: Say Yes to More Series.

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Hoping you have a day filled with knowing your inspiration,

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Standing Strong AND Happy in the Storm