Life Force Energy with Johanne Dodon

Life Force Energy is an invisible natural phenomenon that supports life on earth.

Every living person has Life Force Energy within them.  For reasons known and unknown, humans have pinched themselves off of the natural flow and they lack the energy to reach their maximum potential.

Like a computer being connected to a Dial-up internet connection, humans are suffering a similar plight with Life Force Energy resulting in low energy, low consciousness and much suffering in this world.

Johanne’s ability to harness Life Force Energy and connect people to their own limitless source of energy is like upgraded the computer to High-Speed internet or Fiber internet.

Enhancing the Life Force Energy in a person’s totality enhances that person’s potential resulting in breakthroughs in all areas of life.



Programs for individuals that have made an educated decision to change their lives in a meaningful way!

By enhancing the connection to the God of your understanding, the flow of Life Force Energy increases in your totality.  With more Life Force Energy in your life, you will recognize and enjoy Divinely aligned guidance and support in whatever you are doing.

Increasing the flow of Life Force Energy is not a small thing, it is everything!


The Enhancement Programs are delivered during sleep when the recipient is the most receptive.  Choose from three different levels.

Level 1 will support you in a time of a specific need.

Level 2 will bring support to your life in the areas that are most important to your overall wellbeing.

Level 3 will impact every area of your life including the people in your close environment that will feel the benefits through the ripple effect.   This is the most effective due to the daily enhancements you will receive.


Helping parents and caregivers provide support to the people that depend on them for their wellbeing and survival is the focus of the Support Programs.  Pets, big and small will enjoy the Life Force Energy Enhancement provided during the daily Support Program.


Designed to help individuals transform their personal life, family life, and business life, the Innovation Programs offers a personalized approach to assess, identify strengths and weaknesses and implement innovative solutions that will result in permanent changes.

Business Life Innovation Program

Business Energy Analysis – an innovative way to look at the strengths and weaknesses of your business.

By conducting a Business Energy Analysis of your business, you will identify the strong areas that are keeping you in business and also the weak areas that have the potential of taking you down.

Everyone and everything emits a level of energy.  All areas of your business including management, operations, finance, human resources, marketing, sales, building, curb appeal, website, marketing material, price model, delivery method, campaigns, packaging, message, events, and everything else have a certain level of energy.  The higher the level the more success it will have.

The strong areas are great, and the objective is to have all areas of business emanating strong positive energy. The weak areas, however, can be the root cause of a multitude of problems and need attention to shift or enhance the energy.

Most women entrepreneurs lead very busy lives.  Multitasking and juggling between roles and have little time to analyze or feel the energy of their business.

Johanne has 30 years of experience conducting Business Analyst and she has studied Energy and Consciousness for the last decade. She can provide business intelligence at a level that most entrepreneurs do not understand and therefore never implement in their business giving you a competitive advantage.

Johanne also offers an evidence-based option for researchers looking for an innovative solution that has the potential of stunning their industry.



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