C23-38. Jennifer Mrozek Sukalo & Your SWAGGER

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Jennifer Mrozek Sukalo, on air from September 19th

We are first and foremost the leaders of our lives. However, most people are unaware of this and don’t know how to fully step into that leadership role or drive peak performance in all aspects of their lives. This leads to dissatisfaction, frustration, and mental health challenges. What we find are people who are struggling to survive life instead of truly thriving.

That’s where SWAGGER comes in. It’s not just a word, it’s a lifestyle and something that must be worked on and practiced daily. The practice of SWAGGER is designed to help people tap into and learn to use what they already have to become the leaders of their lives so they can be at their best, perform at their best, and live their best lives regardless of the obstacles they may face.

This is not the SWAGGER you’re likely thinking about. I’ve defined SWAGGER in a whole new way. It is an acronym that stands for Self-Worth, Appreciation for your strengths and limitations, Gratitude for your life experiences, Grounded in your core values, Empowered to overcome your self-limiting beliefs, and Renewed through your passion and purpose. 

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Jennifer Mrozek Sukalo is on a mission to help you unlock your genius, claim your SWAGGER, and start thriving!

She is an award-winning author and transformational expert. Her work has appeared in Livestrong, Prevention Magazine, Fast Company, and more. 

Jennifer’s leadership and personal development expertise have been highly sought after by companies around the world. With over 12 years of experience as a consultant helping high-performing individuals at various multinational Fortune 500 companies, her efforts have positively influenced nearly 50,000 leaders across cultures, countries, and industries. 

Jennifer’s undergraduate and graduate degrees are focused on behavioral change and as a thought leader, she is frequently requested as a speaker and consultant. She has spoken at conferences and led workshops in over 18 different countries. 

Drawing from her background in science and collective expertise, Jennifer helps you develop into the very best version of yourself and learn how to thrive.  







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