Grandmother Kaariina’s Teaching Programs

A student writes “This painting depicts a dream I had where Grandmother Kaariina and I were sitting by the Oceanside as she told me the secrets of the sacred blood that lived in the bleeding Cedar tree. This is a very Sacred tree on the unseeded Coast Salish territories where I live, and this dream happened just after I began being a student of grandmother’s bundle. I was inspired to become a student of the bundle after feeling grandmother’s sharp perception- She is able to see very clearly underlying dynamics between my relationship to myself and my relationship with all other things, while holding with clarity the energy and instruction for right relationship.. this vision has been truly a gift, along with the wisdom of womanhood and my womb’s sacred blood, I have released ancestral baggage and unconscious patterns which waste my energy, and instead I am accessing within myself more softness, more authenticity, more generosity, and the communication skills needed to honour myself and my relationships. I am truly grateful to be a student of this bundle, expanding my own capacity to see, expanding my Nervous system’s capacity to embody my truth free of trapped emotions, and integrating the lessons my ancestors could not understand”.

Grandmother Kaariina teachers advanced courses on REIKI for Financial Abundance and Authentic Prosperity. 

Her current Bundle of contemporary coaching within the Medicine Wheels of ancient ways are opening once more during the week of June 5, 2019.
Travellers or students of these earth-based ways are invited to request: an INTAKE for a one and one half hour JOURNEY of lifetimes in order to explore whether there is a fit between student and GMA. for this request.
Sessions are conducted via skype at kaariina.saarinen1 and require that students have these systems in order.
Another prerequisite is to establish a Sacred Space for this first exploration and discovery. Instructions are forwarded after the INTAKE has been received.
This JOURNEY is valued at $244 USD via paypal; or $266 CND via email interact.
A portion of all income generated is dedicated to land conservation!
The BUNDLE is a commitment to NINE MONTHS of Travelling
through time-space continuum!  ONLY 15 travellers will be admitted
to this intensive teaching and learning space.
The exploration session’s value will be moved towards the NINE MONTH
investment when there is agreement.
The BUNDLE’s value is $5,777.00 USD with co-creative payment plans!
What value are your life and its soul’s purpose?
For all of our relations
REIKI for Financial Abundance and Authentic Prosperity
Given the challenge to shift our perceptions of success and of wealth, Grandmother has divined a systematic way of initiating students through the REIKI lineage.
3 levels are offered in a wilderness setting: REIKI level one; For self-love self-care self-healing *reactivation of the original intelligence of this universe
REIKI level two: For resolving issues with relatives in this and other lifetimes *clearing the multiple dimensions so that light may enter in*includes journeys with creature teachers, plant and tree essences, flower remedies and crystals
REIKI level three: For releasing the paradigms of the victim; duality and entering the threshold of Personal Mastery. *includes 8 mastery symbols, activations, applications *personal timeline releases*envisioning outcomes on all levels, especially global benefits *Health and Wealth planning along with timelines *envisioning, sensing, feeling, following the Principles of Conscious Cocreation *developing accountability allies!
The first two levels require a dedication of 7-8 hours each with 21 days of practices. The third level invites a devotion of 4 full days on site with Gma Kaariina , including community building and offerings
to this earth and others. This also opens to another 21 days of practices
with 22 applications with others. Students will complete Observation Templates in order to develop their energetic observation abilities.
NOTE: the second and third levels are financially regenerative; students are invited to open to receive $ in exchange for their offerings.
Values or investments are available upon request at
NOTE: Kaariina is available at 604 815 8793 for a consultation and initial session to determine when and where these Precious Teachings will be offered!
Om vajra rekhe ah hung!
May all beings benefit!