20-31 It’s Been 40 Years in Canada.

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air form July 28 th

I am celebrating my 40th year living in Canada, and I am very grateful to call it home. I am a born a Brit who moved to South Africa at the age of 14 y.old. It is a beautiful country where I learned a great deal about my self and embraced my free spirit; but, although I loved it, I could not stand the segregation apartheid and the male misogyny.

I travelled a lot while living there, I went back to the UK a lot, lived in London, travelled Europe, and then lived in the USA for a bit before going back to SA and getting engaged. That did not last long and I moved to a place called Hillbrow, very cosmopolitan, great food, but a lot of violence. After a while, I could not take it all anymore and came to Canada before going back to the USA.

I was here 5 months and met my now ex-husband, that was it for the US until 2006 when I tried to go there to further develop a new electric motor, but it was not meant to be. Finding my self back in Canada and looking for partners around 2007/8 was not a fun thing, as it when everything crashed, so did we, my then-current partner/boyfriend and I.

We moved around the mainland living out of my car until we found some new partners, who then end stole the motor and left us high and dry.

REDIRECT TIME, feeling lost and depressed I was asked to join a podcast network, and now 8 years later and 7 years my own network, I am where I am meant to be doing what I love.

Vancouver was not feeding my soul anymore, and I needed a change, so I went to Toronto for a few months to be near my oldest daughter, but left when temps reach -36 and came to Victoria Island in BC and I love it.

So now 40 years I am so at home here, I have lived in 4 countries and raised 3 children in BC and know I am in the right place. Ones soil is important, I have felt at home in many places, but here I feel grounded and for me a free spirit, that is a good thing.

I highly recommended coming to BC Canada when the borders open up, it is a most stunningly beautiful place to be.

Check out this article on Vancouver one on Victoria coming soon.