IG20-36 Denise Schaad from Darkness into Our Light

Ignite Our Heart and Souls with Sara Troy and her guest Denise Schaad, on air from August 31st.

To know the darkness is to see the light.

Without darkness, there is no light. The journey to know the light within is the path to awakening. This road can be long and lonely, but the coming home of your spirit is the triumph.

Feeling your soul’s emotional experiences can be a painful roller coaster ride. Yet, this is where the healing begins.

The heart yearns for your love, the ego wants to keep you trapped in stories, and the spirit desires freedom.

On this journey to awakening, there will be nights when you feel connected to your love. There will also be days that you feel alone, and you will come to understand that those days are a gift from your soul and the awakening of your spirit.

Illuminate is the path of coming to your own truth. Denise takes you on a journey beyond the suffering, the fear, and the anger, from who she has been, to who she is now. Illuminate brightens your path of personal discovery, a journey of the death of the ego soul which surrenders to the awakening spirit.

Join Denise on this journey and find your own path to personal awakening.

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Denise Schaad is a thought leader, Spiritual Guide,Author, and a speaker who empowers entrepreneurs to embrace and enjoy their lives.  Denise has a natural gift to see emotional energy and release it from the physical body. Her purpose is to guide entrepreneurs to feel empowered and whole, so they can take their business to the next level.  

For 15 Years Denise owned a successful Personal Training Studio where she was unknowingly using her gift to sense what was not functioning properly in her clients’ bodies and was correcting it with exercise. During that time she became a Certified Life Coach.

In 2014 Denise began to study energy through Reiki. She has a  Reiki Level 1 Certification, 200 hour Yoga Instructor Certification through  Sattva Yoga in  Rishikesh, India, where she lived for most of 2016, and learned how to work with energy through Kriyas, Mantras, and Tantric teachings. As a certified meditation teacher, she teaches her clients the importance of managing their thoughts. In 2017 she met her teacher Kimberly Sherry who taught her how to use her gifts for emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. 

Today Denise has taken her own experiences with healing emotionally, physically, and spiritually and created the Your Energy Awakening System (Discover-Activate-Illuminate), which led her to create the “Ignite Your Sensual Warrior” program that leads women from the depths of their secret darkness to connect to their sensual sexual energy. Their Power!