LM21-10 Willie J and his Pure Mission Entertainment

”for the LOVE of Music” with Sara Troy and her guest Willie J, on air from March 16th

Willie J is a native of East St. Louis/Washington Park, IL USA. As a young boy, he was faced with many challenges and struggles. Standing tall in his years of growing pains, he conquered many fears. He suffered losing several close family and friends throughout his journey. These events caused him to push harder and to ignite his passion of writing and singing while striving to perfect other gifts. Having the will to succeed, with faith and perseverance, has helped to usher him into the man he is today.
After years of hard work, Willie J has been given opportunities above and beyond his expectations. Some of these chains of events have been newspaper features with celebs: Beyonce’, Floyd Mayweather, Gucci Mane, Terrence Howard, etc. The featured magazines over time: Modern Drummer, XXL, the front cover of Music Nation magazine, and the most recent, a national front cover shoot and interview with 101 Stardom Magazine, who have also featured Kendrick Lamar, K. Michelle, 50 Cent, and many more.

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Smiling Young Women — St. Louis, IL — Pure Mission Entertainment LLC

Willie and his daughter perform “We Love You, Puerto Rico.” He wrote these songs in hopes of empowering people and changing lives.

His most recent success is his new hit single, Moving Up, which has been climbing three Global charts, two of which were spotlighted in the top-20 DRT, peaking at #14. Another single, Level Up, reached #7 in the DRT Independent chart. Also released in 2018 was the Exit the Dragon album.
Willie J released his single, Sunshine With the Rain, featuring Arthur “Flash” Johnson, who is a four-time World Boxing Champion Hall of Famer. The track rose to #3 twice in the Euro Indie Top 200 chart. He is preparing and the Pure Mission Entertainment artists for national TV live performances on Hallmark TV “Home and Family” on September 26, 2019, and the “Kelly Clarkson Show” will be aired on October 15, 2019.

Isabel a song for those lost by suicide

We Love you, Puerto Rico