21-16 Pay Attention to the Details says Sara

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from April 20th

So many times a guest misses a show because they do not pay attention to the time zone. East, West Middle, what ever it is, please pay attention and be there at the right time.

We are so busy rushing to the next appointment that we do not read all the info needed for the one you are at or going to, stop, slow down, take a moment and be present.

It is the same with postings, take the time to read some of them and comment on what you have read/listened to. It is called respect, and you may just learn something along the way. Life is not about hurry up, it is about a steady step one foot in front of the other and see what is right in front of you, or you may miss out on something profound.

We just cruise on by only Liking, and not commenting because we are in such a hurry, WHY? are you on a Like quoter that you can not stop to read or see something to its end and then comment? Have some respect for those that have taken the time to post it, to share with you, to reach out. I am not talking about pretty pictures where a like or love or laugh is enough, but those where time has been shared and a decent reply is nice to give. So please take the time to read a document, an email, text, posting and get your facts right and respond appropriately.

So when Zooming, calling, or meeting someone, know the details first, call, meet Zoom on time in the right time zone and remember, if you don’t you have cost someone their time and maybe money.

Taking some time to chill and take life in, just breathe and enjoy, stop rushing.

Victoria BC Canada


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