SE21-17 DR. THOMAS JORDAN. Learn To Love.

Our Sensual Expressions with Sara Troy and her guest Dr Thomas Jordan, on air form April 20th

The divorce rate had held steady, at 50%, for decades in America. Of those who remain married, a significant percentage are unhappy, dissatisfied, or unfulfilled. More people are delaying or forgoing marriage. Is there a way for Americans to find love and to remain happy in a committed relationship? A new book unequivocally says YES – but only if we examine our past relationships and learn to take a new approach to love.

Learn To Love: Guide to Healing Your Disappointing Love Life penned by Thomas Jordan, Ph.D., a therapist specializing in relationships for over 30 years, reveals the keys to understanding exactly what it takes to hold on to love – and to nurture it so that both members of a couple are not just tolerating but embracing, one another. He shows us, essentially, how to gain control of our love life.

“Becoming conscious of what we’ve learned unconsciously is a necessary step in getting control over our love lives,” says Dr. Jordan.

By exploring one’s relationship baggage, he or she can find themselves in a better position to fix their current relationship or bring a new approach to the next one. “Most of the time we talk about love as a courted state of mind and heart without an understanding or even an awareness of what it takes to have and hold onto a healthy love relationship,” says Dr. Jordan.

“In most instances,” concludes Dr. Jordan, “repetitive love life experience is replicating some kind of past relationship experience. Seeing the connections between your past relationship experience and what is happening to your present love life empowers you to make the needed changes in your love life. Remember, all of this is learned, so it can be unlearned and something healthier learned or relearned, putting you in control of your love life.”

Dr. Thomas Jordan, who has helped thousands of individuals and couples enjoy more fulfilling relationships and experience more satisfying, longer-lasting love lives as a psychotherapist for the past 33 years, is the author of a breakthrough book Learning To Love: Guide to Healing Your Disappointing Love Life.

Dr. Jordan, who specializes in the treatment of chronic love life problems, founded the educational resource Love Life Learning Center in 2012. In 2017 he launched the Healthy Love Life Seminar, leading love life educational seminars with his wife, a psychotherapist, Victoria Jordan, LCSW.

He is a graduate of the New York University’s Postdoctoral Program in Psychoanalysis, Clinical Associate Professor of Psychology, and a faculty member of the post-doctoral program. He earned his Ph.D. and M.A. in clinical psychology from New School for Social Research. He received a B.A. with honors in psychology from University of Massachusetts.

Early in his career he served three years as a senior psychologist and disability consultant to the NYC Department of Correction. He also served four years as the clinic director of Long Island Consultation Center, a large psychiatric clinic. Since 1991 he has served as a psychological disability consultant for Verizon, Communication Workers Association, New York Police Department, Con Edison, United Nations, and Columbia Presbyterian Hospital.

Dr. Jordan is an active member of numerous professional organizations, including the American Psychological Association, the American Board of Professional Disability Consultants, the Association for Psychological Science, and the Psychoanalytic Society at NYU. He resides and practices in the Upper West Side of New York City.  

For over three decades, the clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst has helped thousands of individuals and couples learn to love again. He is in a group practice with his wife, Victoria Jordan, LCSW, an experienced psychotherapist and couples therapist. He is also the co-founder of Love Life Learning Center:


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