21-23 Setting New Priorities

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from June 8th

Setting some new priorities and putting things in perspective. We look at our life and see that something has become more important to us and now how do we set new priorities. We know we have to pivot but do not want to walk away from what we have built, so we look for a way to include all of it by rescheduling and manage our time.

With my new Grandson, I am at that stage, I want to see him more, be more of his life and help my daughter and her husband, so how do I manage it all? This is my journey now, and one I need to find a balance to include it all.

Are your strings being pulled each way, are you feeling pulled in different direction and wanting to include everything in? We can do it all it just needs management.

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There is always a way, just be still allow and let your mind feel the heart and soul in to a solution.


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