21-22 Self Discovery Media is 8 yrs.old

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from June 1st.

Celebrating 8 years of my own Podcast Community.

If you had told me 9 years ago, I would be doing podcasts for this long I would not have believed never mind having my own network. I started on another network live for 13 months, then in June of 2013, I started my own called PLV Radio (Positive Living Vibrations) the name has changed over the years, it became Self Discovery Radio for 4 years, the Self Discovery Radio TV, but as I was going into Podcast-books, Mentorships plus, I changed the name to Self Discovery Media.

No matter the name, the content has always been celebratory with the stories of courage, strength, resilience, and abilities from those who chose to walk their process and become the awesome flawsome people they are today. I always say, the best teachers are those who have gone through the process of struggle in life them selves.

I myself, have done around 2000 shows+, (my various host around 5-700) and I have learnt so much about my self through doing these interviews. It has also show me that despite the news of horrible things people do, we can when we choose to, be incredible people making a difference in the lives of others, because we made a difference in our own lives.

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I went from 2-3 genres to 17 to be more directional on the topics, so our audience can find a show of their interest with out having to cruise all of them. We are on 11 audio platforms, 2 video platforms and featured on 3 sites, plus 3 Facebooks, Linked in, Tumbler, Twitter and Pinterest.

I want to do so much more, and I am in the process of the next Podcast-book on Our Forgotten Children series, and with a Mentors, Practitioners memberships, if you need help, we have the people who can help you.

So who knows what the next 8 years will bring, but I will endeavor to keep bringing you people who have stepped up to raising humanity up to all its possibilities and divine glory.


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