C21-51 Sarah Nesbitt, Drawn on the Way.

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Sarah Nisbett, on air from December 21st

Nisbett’s “Drawn on the Way” project aims to encourage people to slow down, put their phones in their pockets, and see themselves and the world as a work of art, finding the extraordinary in the day-to-day. The new book is an inspirational guide designed for busy people on the go who only have a few minutes in their day for creativity and non-screen activities.

Using just a small sketch pad and a uni-ball office pen, Sarah has created thousands of in-the-moment sketches of the people and places she passes “on the way,” often giving her sketches to the people she draws. A recent video on TikTok of her giving away a drawing to two women she sketched in a park went viral, and currently has over 1.2 million views. 

Our talk will be on. Reconnecting with a post-COVID world through drawing
How sketching can build empathy and curiosity—and inspire self-acceptance
Ways to incorporate unplugged activities into your day in 5 minutes or less
Making the transition from corporate day job to full-time artist
Learning a new skill as an adult: how to be a beginner, calm the inner critic, and get away from perfectionism.

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A former opera singer and a self-taught live sketch artist and illustrator, Sarah Nisbett loves to draw the people, places, and things she encounters “on the way.” Her Drawn On The Way project is dedicated to helping people find the extraordinary in the everyday and to seeing themselves and others as works of art. Originally from Ann Arbor, MI, she moved to New York City to pursue music. After a successful career as professional opera singer, it was on the way to her next career in advertising that she discovered a passion for drawing on her daily commute. This daily detour led her to a full-time drawing and writing career.