C22-10 Erez Agam. My Immigration to Berlin.

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Erez Agam, on air from March 7th

Erez Agam was born in Israel in the 1980s. From a young age, the topic of immigration attracted him. After growing up, Erez began traveling in many countries around the world until he decided that he was interested in immigrating and therefore chose Germany as his destination country. Erez Agam arrived in Berlin without any connections but only with a suitcase and at the end he describes his migration journey to Germany from the beginning to the end. In addition, Erez is an expert in the field of sales and this is his real passion.

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Erez’s book describes his immigration journey and along with it, Erez reveals all the secrets of immigration that will help other immigrants.

The book answers all the questions (finding a job (even if you do not have a European passport), finding an apartment, issuing a work visa, what is the difference between a European passport and a non-European passport, employees rights in Berlin, conversion to a driving license for a German license and more …)

It is important to note that this book contains unique information that cannot be found in any other source (not even in immigration law offices).