SE22-10 Richard Cirulli, A Harmonious Love Affair. 

Sensual Expressions with Sara Troy and her guest Richard Cirulli, on air from March 8th

Playwright Richard Cirulli, author of the new novel Demitasse Divorce. Cirulli is also the founder of the Demitasse Players, a charity founded on the mission to write and produce plays to bring awareness to mental health.

His Steamy Romantic Novel Tells How A Chance Encounter Over Coffee Led to an Inescapable Harmonious Love Affair 

There are parts of the story that are based on his personal experiences, and he chose to combine existentialism with erotica and ignite the sensual passion that lies within all of us.

He uses the phrase “Is Love a cruel game we call happiness” BUT IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE.

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Suave and sophisticated, Elia is an architect residing in Hudson Valley, New York circa 1992 where he failed, conventional marriage with Beth is leaving him uneasy with life. Marriage, in general, can be hard enough but throw in Beth’s mental illness and years of trying to keep it all together – everyone, including Elia was surprised it lasted as long as it did. Then, a chance encounter with the alluring, hedonist Anais over morning coffee helps him to regain the passions he thought he lost forever.

Ella and Anais find themselves drawn together in a hot and uninhibited affair as they attempt to find harmony in the analogy of their opposites. In their attempt to free themselves from the conventions and taboos of the adolescent bourgeoisie sexual mores, they eventually find themselves shackled to an inescapable mutual love they never anticipated and equally fear. But is this love enough to sustain their boomer lives?

Richard Cirulli is an author, playwright, and founder of the Demitasse Players, a 501 (c ) (3) charity. Founded on the mission to write and produce plays to bring awareness to mental health, the Demitasse Players aim to remove the many taboos of mental illness. They teach people about mental disorders, and how these illnesses impact caregivers, friends, and family. For more information, please visit: