22-30 Pears of Wisdom, Our Memoir.

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from July 26th

I have been asked for years if I have written a book, my answer is always coming soon. That soon is now; I am taking the time this summer to write my book so I can get going on the collaborative Forgotten Children’s book which comes after mine, so no more delays, here I go.

Easier said than done, it is rather daunting writing about one’s self, Where does one start, what do I cover, what do people want to hear or read? ?????? Do I format it like other books or can I do it a different way, would it be understood if I do it a different way????? and so much more chatter is in my head.

In the end, once all the excuses and chatter has had its say, I will write it as it comes.

I am a blogger, an article writer, so for me to do a long chapter is not my style, so I am writing it as each memory comes to mind and getting it down in no particular order, and rearrange it later. Lets face it, memories come up in the most piacular times in odd ways, so just letting it out in the moment is my best way.

There is one size fits all, some people can put out a book in a jiffy, some it takes years, the real question is, what you are sharing, your truth? or a version of the truth you think people want to see? Just be you, in all your pain, mistakes, missteps and glory, for that every step made you who you are today, and that is what we are celebrating.

So as I delve into my memories, some I wish never to remember, this summer, I leave you with 3000 shows of abundant wisdom to hear, and I will see you back here late August. FIND THEM HERE

I will not be bringing you shows after July 28th until August 30th, and I will be concentrating on my book, and the book invite for the Forgotten Children book series.

I WISH EVERYONE A WONDERFUL SUMMER, AND SEE YOU LATE AUGUST. (I will still be checking emails if you wish to get booked in for September)

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