MH22-31. David Richman, Expressive Writing Workshops

Mental Health Awareness with Sara Troy and her guest David Richman, on air from August 2nd.

Expressive writing, from journaling to structured creative writing, can be extremely therapeutic. Health outcomes include fewer doctor visits, improved organ function, and reduced depression. In an expressive writer’s daily life there are fewer sick days, focus on tasks is enhanced, and interpersonal interaction improves. Once learned, expressive writing opens the door to explore the emotional aspects of one’s traumas, leading to increased emotional health.
My expressive writing workshops are led in a guided, personal manner, providing participants a safe and
immersive space where they can explore their musings, reflections, and emotions. The process creates a foundation for participants to continue their expressive writing journeys long after the workshops have ended.

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Expressive writing workshops deepen the relationship between participants and sponsoring organizations. As a result of the improved mental, physical, and emotional health, gratified participants and their supporters will help organizations grow their donor and referral base.
With a goal of showing the traumatized how to examine the suppressed emotional aspects of their experience, this program’s design empowers a transformative and long-term healing process. Traumatized populations include cancer patients, survivors, loved-ones, and caregivers, as well as those in communities that have experienced physical or emotional abuse, including combat-related trauma, sexual assault, childhood trauma, depression, anxiety, and their loved ones and caregivers, and, importantly, the
practitioners who serve those communities.

David has been leading very moving and transformative Expressive Writing Workshops geared towards people affected by all manner of trauma. He combines traditional expressive writing techniques with elements of both narrative and creative writing so that the participants will be well-equipped to continue their expressive writing practices well beyond the workshops. Mental health is such an important topic and David brings his passion, skills, and unique approach to help people connect with their emotions in a whole new way and begin a healing journey.

David was born in Miami and raised mostly in the Los Angeles area. He and his wife split their time between homes in Southern California and Southern Nevada. He has worked in real estate, lending, construction, started both an animation company and a skincare company, and then went into financial services. He has college-aged twins who are as aspirational as their father. After losing his sister to brain cancer, David has organized a yearly fundraiser in her memory, the most recent being the impetus for his upcoming book, Cycle of Lives – 15 People’s Stories, 5,000 Miles, and a Journey Through the Emotional Chaos of Cancer.



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