22-36 I am Back, a New Season Starts

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from August 30th

Well, I did it, I finished my book, well, the 2nd draft of it, I still have to chapter it and send it for editing, but the bulk is written. Deciding not to do shows for 4 weeks was hard but necessary as I had to finish this book. The book wrote itself differently from what I had intended. It is as it wanted to be written, An observation of my life, a view of my journey to where I am today, and how I overcame the pain and sadness.

One thing I know, one has to write what comes out, we can not write for an audience, it has to be authentic to yourself and what we as an author want to say. I have written it in article form as I did not go linear. I reflect a lot on life and my part in it, and in reading it back, I can see how my divine view came to be, I had set my self free, and in that freedom I came to be Sara of today.

Now I am back doing shows, bringing you incredible people who have embraced their wonderful path in life and now wish to share the enrichment with others. This week alone I have redirectors in business, paranormal discussion, to rediscovery of ones soul, and did you get the manual on past lives, and a free app on wellness, to end suffering and NLP and Huna, and never in a billion years, and more paranormal hauntings, and this is just this week.

Coming in September there will be an invite out to all the Mentors out there to join us and share their skills and wisdom with those on their life’s journey. Plus, we start the fundraiser for the Forgotten Children series, a collaborative book on raising children and the changes needed.

I love what I do, bringing you each week those who have like me, stepped into their calling and living their purpose meaningfully. Their knowledge and wisdom, truly is illuminating and will pivot you, guide you and uplift you in so many wonderful ways.

So sit back, left your fingers do the clicking and enjoy all there is here to enjoy, for I know it will inspire you to want to take your own exciting journey in life knowing their is support and guidance along the way. .

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