YH22-36. Frank DiPadua, Knowlie Free APP of Wellness

Your Health is Your Choice with Sara Troy and her guest Frank DiPadua, on air from August 30th

Knowlie is a free site (soon to be app) designed with the user in mind. Our mission is to provide accessible, customizable, and engaging wellness content to users in an app that is anonymous and free. We believe wellness is in the eye of the beholder, so Knowlie is open to conventional wellness techniques like mindfulness and meditation, and less conventional methods like sound healing, Chinese medicine wilderness therapy, and much more. We want users to find what words, to find passion and purpose however they see fit. We believe the best person to control your wellness is you.

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I’m a father, husband, and passionate creator. I grew up in a small Massachusetts town and spent a lot of time outside and playing sports as a kid although I wasn’t very good. I’ve always been my weird self and known as a mellow kid who’s always joking. I went to the university of New Haven for a year after high school but dropped out after 2 semesters after dealing with deep depression, paranoia, and mood swings. I was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder and spent what I call a sick kids gap year trying to write several novels, drinking heavily, sometimes avoiding public situations for weeks on end and sometimes contemplating big life changing moves. I spent the next few years unmedicated and self medicated openly struggling with bipolar disorder. I started dating my wife who suffered from a severe eating disorder and stood by me while I struggled through my own mental illness. I have a 1 year old son named Nohl (Nohlie) a cat named ozzy, and a daughter on the way named Leala Bowie, I love to paint, write, listen to music, hike and cook. 







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