22-39. So many Sorrows to Overcome

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from September 20th

Taking a step back and looking at all the sorrows of late, I admit, it has made me feel sorrowful. We have the Queens death, although not unexpected, a loss of a good woman and an era. Heat waves in California, fires, and draughts. We have so many lives (33 million) displaced in Pakistan with the flooding, and the question if they can of should re build on the same land and how to provide for all the loss and where people should go now.

We have the war in the Ukraine still going on, the trickle down effect of Russia blocking fuel to Europe and the many who will die this winter because of it. Fuel prices, food prices, house prices all going up, while wages stay still. There is a shortage of Doctors in the world, here where I live, it is impossible to get a Doctor, and so many more getting ill because illness are not be discovered in time.

My sister just had a life threatening operation, ( thankfully a successful one and 2 more to go) and she had to sleep in a chair or on a gurney for 3 nights because there were no beds, and she is 81 y. Old. My brother just had a heart attack and has had to have stents put in his heart values, with more to go. He was seeing a Doctor via zoom or just a phone call, and they did not see the warning signs.

We have just acknowledged 911 anniversary and yet we still feel we are at war, this time within America, as America has become the enemy within. I said years ago, it won’t be another 911 that will cause but an uprising in the USA it will be their own division, and no more an United America.

As an empath, I feel the sorrows of the world; it gets me in my very soul and heart and weighs me down. I am an optimist and a believer in possibilities, and if we feed the right energies, I pray with all our hearts and souls, that we wake up, rise up into a higher frequency of caring, kindness, and cohesive, loving vibration, for that is where love reigns and where we will find our solutions.

Haglaz the Rune of destruction, is very much in play here, but instead of looking at it as it destroying us, maybe it is redirecting us, for we can not take on positive lifestyle if we are still feeding the negative one. For us empaths, take care of yourself at this time, be nurturing to your heart and soul. To all of us, let us feed the healing nurturing loving vibrations out the a world in turmoil so it can find its equilibrium once again.

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