23-01. Welcome to 2023 Self Discoveries

Sara Troy on Sara’s View of Life, on air from January 3rd 2023.

Here we are, a start to a new year, what kind of year will it be I wonder, what kind of unrest of disruption will we have to face and can we face yet another year of such discord??? Haglas the Celtic Rune (disruption) is still upon us, but instead of looking at it as a bad disruption, let us see it as a reconstruction of a society that needs to change the way it looks at life, all life and this earth, and in the way we treat each other and this planet.

Yes, we may be going into a global depression, so much of this is the old paradigm doing things the old way with out remembering the negatives about their decisions, and not entertaining that there could be a better way to do things. Does that mean we just have to blindly follow? NO, it means that each and every one of us needs to look at life, our lives’ from a different perspective and make the changes needed in order to thrive and grow, as individuals and as a human race.

We are the change we seek, so when we decide to come together as a collective, and pool together our experiences, our ideas, and be open to all ideas, we then have a better picture in what the solutions can be, and then to apply them. Do not blindly leave your life up to everyone else. Listen, read, converse, learn and open up to your inner intellect, so you can make choices needed to progress in your own life in a positive manner, and therefor in the lives of others around you.

No matter what we are handed this 2023, let us face the challenges with openness, grace, whole intellect, and with collaborations with each other as a collective. For it is only in this action that we will see any changes for the better. None of us want to see the same-ol same-ol, So let us participate interactively, gracefully, and with open mindedness and heart-feltness to know what we can empower ourselves to do.

May kindness of heart be your compass, and may you open your heart to soul to spirit to mind, in a way that always supports you in everything you are and do.


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