YH23-04. Sarah Chave on “Creating New Earth”

Sara Troy with her guest Sarah Chave, on air from January 24th

Join SaraTroy & Sarah as they explore the possibilities of a new and better future for us all ‘

It is time to birth a new future! The transformation of the external world starts with each of us as individuals. Let us work together to make this change, to be the change we want to see in the world! 

We have the choice to step away from our old mode of striving and surviving and open ourselves up to new possibilities where we can can birth a future that is heart led and a reflection of our souls acquired wisdom and our deep connection with Mother Earth

∙        What can we create together?

∙        What can we dream into being?

∙        What does the new earth that we wish to build look like? 

Sarah has just been made the International Ambassador in Portuical for People Health Alliance

Sarah was in her 20s when her life took a dramatic turn: she traumatically lost her fiancée and baby. She felt such deep and profound grief that she began withdrawing from life. The coping mechanisms that had served her until this point in her life failed completely, and for a while she was completely lost.

Sarah ultimately picked herself up and pointed herself in the direction of learning new things that could potentially help. Her journey, painful as it was, led her to where she is today.

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Sarah is an energy worker and healer who over the past few years has felt called to be part of the birthing of “the New Earth.” To that end, she and her family are currently in the process of going off the grid, exploring new (and also very old) ways of being, and cultivating right relationship to nature, the environment, and to spirit.

On a very practical level, Sarah is learning how to set herself up sustainably on her own land. But on a deeper level, she is supporting others who are doing the same, and cultivating a community where everybody is connected, growing, and nourishing one another. She has been honored with the role of Global Wellness Ambassador at the Global Wellness Summit 2022 and is excited to continue her work in the community and across the globe to create New Earth. She is host of New Earth Podcast and has been instrumental in development of the People’s Health Alliance in Portugal.






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