BB23-06. Paul Valach with Linked-in & Google Tips.

Building your business with Sara Troy and her guest Paul Miroslav Valach, on air from February 7th

New LinkedIn Newsletter -how it works with all the other social network apps. In the end it is YOUR newsletter. You are the publisher, hey a new title you decide what photos, what links, what list or videos are a part of it. You can link to your partner’s website, social places or landing pages. You can create ‘call to actions’ or just simply provide useful information. You can publish at a daily, weekly or monthly frequency. There is no penalty if you skip for any reason. The best part is it is FREE from LinkedIn. The key though is to make it work for you and get you clients or business. The benefit of this newsletter is also what your topic is about. It can be about your business but it can also be about a cause. So choose wisely. 

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I come from a family of educators, dad was a professor, uncle a maestro, grandfather a surgeon in a teaching hospital. I am an immigrant from the Czechoslovakia, yes we escaped here a long time ago. I have taught at a variety of colleges for over 20 years, had a TV show, radio shows and more. My focus has always been to show folks how to create things so that they can succeed and make their prosperity happen. With today’s technology it is easier than ever to make things, be they techie soft stuff to actual items we use everyday. 

A free Google Business Page review for the first 5 folks .

A quick 30 Items list that every website should have.


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