YH23-22. Christine Blanchette, Run With It…

Your Health is Your Choice with Sara Troy and her guest Christine Blanchette, on air from May 30th

Little did I know my passion for running would lead to launching my own tv show called Run With It. Following your passion can lead to following your purpose in life which in turn help others to do the same. I owe running a lot as I wouldn’t have started a show, write about fitness and health, and help others take up running. In addition, I always had an interest in media and had taken broadcast courses, and hosted a show called Westside Profile for Rogers TV.  Combining both passions has allowed me to host and produce a tv show which has been an incredible journey.

Christine’s Five Ways to Sticking to the Program
Despite how much I enjoy working out on a regular basis, however, there are days it is a challenge to lace my shoes. There are various reasons for not wanting to go for that run from not having enough time to being too cold.
To help jumpstart into a positive mindset with my exercise regime, here are my five ways to
sticking to the program successfully.

  1. Having a mantra, writing it down, and saying it out helps gear me up to conquer anything and no matter how I am feeling that day. My mantra is, “I have an appointment with myself”, this reminds me that I need and want to take time out for myself. Running is my timeout.
  2. Getting your gear ready the night before for the next day helps keeps me organized and accountable for that I will work out. What is helpful also is choosing your favorite gear to work out on certain days. It is a confidence booster to look and feel great, plus is an opportunity to go through your closet to give away gear.
  3. Visualize the goal and write it down. Don’t get discouraged if the goal changes because of injury lifestyle change or work schedule. The key is to keep striving for the goal.
  4. Have fun with your workouts; mix it up by going to the track, running on pavement or on the trail, or going to the gym. Choose an activity that you really enjoy, as you will most likely stick to the regime.
  5. Don’t compare yourself to others. Your fitness is your journey; here is my quote, “Be Who You Are, There Is No One Like You.”

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Christine Blanchette is an energetic and enthusiastic host and producer turning her passion for running and everything fitness into a career. Her show Run With It is broadcast monthly and airs daily on Novus TV (TELUS), Healthy Living Network, Optik TV, and her YouTube channel. Christine’s other show on Novus (TELUS) TV and YouTube channel is The Closing Act, which profiles musicians, and other movers and shakers in the entertainment industry. Both shows are now live streaming on ZondraTV Network.

Interviewing health and fitness professionals, athletes and celebrities on everything from proper nutrition to training for marathons, Christine brings the best experts in the industry to keep you informed and inspired. She is a nationally published health and fitness/lifestyle writer. She writes a weekly column in Quebec’s second largest English language newspaper, The Sherbrooke Record and freelances for other notable publications. Christine is a regular contributor for Livid Magazine, NY City, and has written stories for The Seattle Times, The Vancouver Sun, Snowshoe Magazine, Canadian Running and OptiMYz magazine. When she isn’t busy hosting and writing she is a running instructor at the University of British Columbia.



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All of our shows/interviews are done by donation, if you enjoyed this show please support us here.