BB23-23. Misty Henkel on Sales Anxiety.

Building Your Business with Sara Troy and her guest Misty Henkel, on air from June 6th

Motivator, Sales Woman, Connecter, and Inspirer, Misty embodies it all.

Networking and Sales Trainer for business owners and network marketers. Helping business owners and individuals increase their sales. Specialising in “How to go from No Sales to Sales” and “Overcoming Sales Anxiety”

Being a Life Coach is NOT about being an expert in people’s lives. It would be arrogant to think someone could come along and tell you how to live your life.

A Life Coach is a behavioural specialist who is an expert in looking for and finding patterns and behaviours people display which limit them from reaching their true potential and therefore robbing them of the life they want.

Misty has had over 20 years of professional experience effectively working with a diverse range of people in a non-judgemental manner, embracing social, cultural and age differences and the benefits associated with these.

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Working in various pubs and clubs across NSW, extensive travelling both home and abroad and spending many years in sales, Misty has a gift for putting people at ease when speaking to them. Rapport is established instantly which means no time is lost for clients looking to create change.

Misty has a unique method in communication, taking 100% responsibility for her Sales Trainer which means that you or her will never be misunderstood. At times, on order to be better understood, she will revert to telling a story which may seem completely unrelated to what it is you are discussing and afterwards you will know what you have to do to create the change you need to recapture your true potential or which direction to take to gain more from life and create the life you want.

Misty Henkel lives in Queensland, Australia and is a sales trainer whose low-cost sales programs help hundreds of people every year increase their sales and make more money.

Misty speaks to business groups each week on the topics of closing sales and overcoming sales anxiety and is available to speak at corporate events from $2000.

She is well known all over the world for simplifying the sales process and her two sales books, which can be purchased directly from her, follow simple strategies to close sales on any product or service. And, just like Ryan Reynolds, Misty is easily found on Google.

“Misty’s low-cost sales programs help hundreds of people every year increase their sales”

Close Sales Everyday: The Sales Edge Cost: $35


Practice Makes Perfect: Group Sales Classes 

Cost: AUS$150.00 (6 months)

Fine Tuning: Personal Coaching Cost: $25.00 per session


Author of:

How to go from No Sales to Sales in five easy steps

Cost: AUS$30 (free shipping worldwide)


Overcoming Obscurity: How to get noticed in the marketplace so you can make more money

Cost: AUS$30 (free shipping worldwide)


YouTube Sales Classes:


Misty Henkel and Ryan Reynolds:

How to Speak about your Prices:–ORxA



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All of our shows/interviews are done by donation, if you enjoyed this show please support us here.