The Spiritual Bond Between Mother and I

My Mother Jo and I had a very spiritual bond, we believed in the same thing, a universal energy that united us, an energy we named God that loves and guides us in unity and purpose. We are both readers trusting the divine to talk to us through our soul and resonate with our heart to lift our spirit and open our minds. We both saw spirits and talk with the dead and we were perfectly ok with that.

JoannaNorth2I was so lucky my mother Jo and I got to travel together and go on adventures. She was so beautiful and young looking, people thought she was an older sister. We shopped together loving fashion, we dined out exploring foods, we had parties together loving the process of putting a meal together and entertaining our friends, and we loved to dance.

I was 14 when we moved to South Africa, a place where my mother came alive. She discovered who she was and embraced life to its fullest, and for some years truly lived truly loved and truly explored life. She travelled she met people, she made lifelong friends and for some years forget she was shy and reserved. She loved acting and was an exceptional actress who could have in a different age gone so far in the industry. She wrote lovely stories one we all love Horatio Mouse about a mouse who takes over the jungle. She loved words, written, spoken, the puzzle of them, they came alive when she spoke them. Timing was never on her side, war, opportunities, love, all came at the wrong time and she missed out on showing the world her true gifts, but we saw them and we are blessed for it.

Many a man wanted to marry her, she brought out the gallantry in them, and unfortunately, she lost loves due to death, she was so loved but never married again. Her marriage to our father was not the most suited and this left her mistrusting marriage, I also don’t think she truly believed anyone really loved her for she never truly loved herself, which is so sad as there was so much to love of her.

I will carry with me forever the joy of entertaining hosting a dinner party. The love of popping out for lunch and shopping for that fabulous outfit that made us feel great. I have carried on the joy of travelling with my one daughter and it is so much fun. The love of playing cards, Mum was a shark at cards, she played the little old innocent lady and won every time, the same with Scrabble for she loved words and found the most unusual words ones to play.

We have lived in different countries now for a long time, I would go home to see her she would come to see us. I so wish we were closer as we really loved many of the same things. My children loved her and loved visiting her in the UK to enjoy her food, soups, cakes, shepherd’s pie and card playing.


20140407_072929We will be doing a tribute to her where we will cook the foods she made for us, play cards and celebrate the life of a woman who was well loved but sadly did not always now that. I prayed for her passing so she would not be in pain anymore, I know she is with the collective energy, home in harmony in love of the divine joy, but I miss her, no more calls every week, no more visiting her.  Logic is ruling me but my soul is longing for her to contact me, she will, in time, but now party on dear Mama, for your life is now a joyful party of peace and everlasting love.

My Mother wrote  children’s stories and here are a few read by Jan Berney a dear friend


Always in my heart and soul

Sara Troy your youngest daughter.