21-19 Our Global Village

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from May 11th

Let us celebrate our global village and support and collaborate together. That has always been the way to secure and strengthen a community, the coming togetherness. First, we need to know ourselves, who are we from our very core? what do we stand for, what is our passion that leads to our mission and meaningful purpose? Then in that self abundant light, shine yourself on others in your village, your community.

Being a part of a like soul, and spirited group, where you share each other’s abilities and celebrate with each other while collectively supporting everyone, opens the door to personal and communitive love. That sense of belonging to a tribe a community that gets you and where you are in harmony with each other that lifts each other up, and allows us to expand our divine abilities to greater heights.

So look around, locally, digitally, social media, interact and get to know others with whom you can connect with and be there for each other in all of your meaningful purposes. You walk your own path of your own choice, but having people who are there for you along the way, allows you to explore your calling and gifts even more.


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