C21-24 Annemarie Shrouder, Being Brown in a Black and White world.

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Annemarie Shrouder, on air from June 15th

Being Brown in a Black and White world. Her passion is Diversity and Inclusion and she is out to tackle Racism and Bias in the business world as well as socially.

Now more than ever Diversity and Inclusion play a pivotal role in healing our world. It is finally time to stand up, revisit the structures of the past, and dismantle any systems still in place causing separation and oppression so we can live in a Free, Equitable, and Thriving world.

Annemarie has spent more than 20 years in the field of Diversity and Inclusion as an international speaker, facilitator, and consultant. She has guided thousands of clients using her leading-edge method to create inclusive environments. As a biracial queer woman, Annemarie’s warm approach and transparency soothe participants, creating opportunities to put down their defenses and open lines of authentic communication. She is a master at creating belonging and safety in business environments, and the communities we care about.

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“Re: “I don’t see colour”

“We have to change the paradigm. I can be a person of colour and have value. You don’t have to strip me of my colour to help me rise in your regard.

 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. didn’t have a dream that suggested we not see colour in order to see the con- tent of character.  Colour blindness implies judgment. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have to make a point to not notice my skin.  And not seeing colour can’t be the only way you see my value. I believe Dr. King was asking us to lean into both/and.”

“Turning in and away from results in “us and them” thinking, which leaves little to no room for building connection, creating opportunities for dialogue, to hear and be heard, or to really see the other and be seen. “

“Because we focus on either/or. And in an either/or world, someone has to win, and someone has to lose.”

“When we hold both/and, we have an entry point for a possibility, an acknowledgment, a conversation, without the weight of having to choose a side.”

“The goal of a both/and space is to move us away from polarization toward greater connection, seeing more, and ultimately, greater belonging—and change.”

“It’s when environments are inclusive, and employees feel a sense of belonging and systemic barriers are removed that companies reap the true benefits of di- verse representation. “