YH21-49 MICHELE DRAKE. Master Your Habits.

Your Health is Your Choice, with Sara Troy and her guest Michele Elizabeth Drake., on air from December 7th

Master Your Habits – Elevate your Life. It was in my mess that I found my message and have guided thousands to find their sanctuary in life. It benefits anyone that has not yet allowed the power of consistency in thought and action to assist their elevated existence and overwhelm and stress have been
running their show. I love being witness to a blossoming life and people reclaiming youthful vitality.

Developing a new wellness practice is hard. We often struggle to realize our aspirations, and if we do get started, staying consistent remains difficult in forming a new habit.

We have made practicing a new behavior fun & easy for you!

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Michele Elizabeth Drake is a Fitness and Alternative health professional for over 30 years – I am known as an Age Reversal specialist and am also a Freelance journalist – for Canadian Living, Homemakers, Elle, Chatelaine as well as articles in Fitness RX, OMHA rinkside, Fitness Trainer and many more. Co-author to 1 Habit to thrive in a post covid world.



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