IG22-14. Denise Schaad’s memoir, Spirit Speaks

Ignite Your Heart and Soul with Sara Troy and her guest Denise Schaad, on air from April 5th

Experiencing Loss of Self to Experience Love of self. All of our experiences however traumatic they are is the evolution of the soul. Fighting the lies within the mind is the path of self-realization. I’ve learned that the mind’s job is to preserve our isolation and the ego-mind is designed to protect our identities.  

Denise Schaad has come a long way from a past filled with trauma and addiction. In her commitment and dedication to healing herself, Denise unraveled her trauma by embracing transformation. Through her willingness to face the darkness with courage, she became an empowered, successful spiritual teacher and heart leader.

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Denise spent the past twenty years rediscovering what it means to fully embody Spirit which led her to create the powerful system known as Your Energy Awakening System. With insightful wisdom, Denise guides leaders and entrepreneurs toward embodying their next level of Spiritual Currency (Power). Known for her programs Discover, Activate, and Illuminate, Denise, teaches people how the ego-mind is keeping them in a continuous emotional loop and guides them to release these emotions as a way to embody Spirit and come into alignment with their true sense of self. Denise enjoys being with her students and allowing Spirit to show her their emotional stories. She thrives on unraveling how the mind keeps us hidden from the truth of who we are.  





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