C22-15. Andrew Biernat & The Growing Pains of Growth

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Andrew Biernat, on air from April 12th

The process of personal growth isn’t always pleasant. After years of counseling, reading mountains of personal development books, and going through numerous challenges, including quitting alcohol and experiencing 3 miscarriages in between our two girls, much of the growth I’ve experienced has come at a cost. Some of the growth processes are fun and motivational. Much of it cuts you to the core in order for you to heal back stronger.

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Andrew Biernat is an author, podcaster, and professional connector. He works at his local Chamber of Commerce and enjoys time in the woods with his wife and two daughters. Andrew started his career selling a product he didn’t believe in. He made a switch to personal training in 2013 and continued to hone in on his expertise. He wrote two fitness books, created a course, and an online membership program with over 150 customized workout videos. With the Covid lockdowns changing the landscape of the fitness industry he transitioned to the Ontario County Chamber of Commerce and started his own podcast where he focuses on personal growth, personal branding, and entrepreneurship.

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