C22-26 Holly Penney has removed the Negatives

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Holly Penney, on air from June 28th

Holly Penney is a mom, finance enthusiast, speaker, writer, self-love advocate, 4-time ovum donor, travel addict, minimalist and lover of all things chocolate. Experiencing childhood trauma and then as an adult, Holly began to realize there were negative patterns in her life. One day, as she calls it a “low point,” she decided to take matters into her own hands and dive deep into personal development. This was the beginning of her healing journey. Growing self-awareness, Holly came to realize that for the first 30 years of her life, she didn’t know the meaning of self-care. After attending a retreat in 2019, Holly fell in love with herself and found a passion for journaling. Since 2019 she has made a commitment to prioritize self-care. Whether that’s going for a run, taking a long hot bath or journaling.

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Holly started a successful professional bookkeeping firm (NovaRidge Bookkeeping Ltd.). Being able to support people was another passion of hers. Holly decided to make it her mission to support them anyway she could. She began creating a journal (launching June 2022) in hopes of inspiring women to fall in love with themselves. In 2021, Holly launched a book club called As The Page Turns, creating a safe space for like-minded women to talk about personal growth. She continues to share her story by speaking and writing. Holly is dedicated to supporting women on their self-love journeys by creating community through her workshops, retreats and journaling.








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