AK22-43. Deborah Drummond & 262 Women Authors

Authors Kiss with Sara Troy and her guest Deborah Drummand, on air October 18th

Thank you so much for exploring being an author in this incredible project with Deborah Drummond.

With a name like Mission Accepted, you know it’s got to be good!!

I can’t begin to tell you how excited and honoured I am to have YOU SHARE your story, vision, and your uniqueness with us and the world of future entrepreneurs!

The power of the written word hits the reader in away that they absorb the message in the story like no other platform.

This gorgeous coffee table book will be impressive both aesthetically and professionally, and will leave the readers inspired to look within themselves to see if they, too, are leaving legacy. 

The world needs to hear stories like yours to help nudge us all to understand courage and feel good about who we are and how we live our lives.

This book is meant to help INSPIRE others to stand up, speak up, and show up for themselves and however they want to play out this special thing we call LIFE.

We hope you see a page with your name on it!!

There are many beneficial reasons for participating in an incredible book project of this nature. This book will hit #1, and so much more.

Please watch my video where I take a few minutes to share some of the details about the project. I trust you will recognize the incredible opportunity this is, and hope that we will work on it TOGETHER. I’m here to answer any questions and give more details.

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Deb Drummond lives in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. She is the mother of her two favorite people: her daughter, Chloae, and her son, Ocean. With her new title of YaYa, she gets to add to that “favourite list” Brynlee and Kashton. Deb is a pioneer in the world of entrepreneurship. As a visionary, she was one of the first in her country to create companies in the health and wellness sector. To date, she has created 7 companies and inspired thousands around the globe. She is an award-winning business owner, with achievements that have never been done before. She is a leader in opening local and international markets.

Deb’s thirty-year deep dive of study and training in Top Performance has built her reputation in the field as a speaker, mastermind trainer, and personal coach. She has inspired, educated, and motivated audiences of over 20 thousand to stand to their feet. In her private practice, Deb has personally worked with over 30 thousand clients, moving them to a higher state of optimal health and wealth.
A well-known radio host of the Mission Accepted podcast; Deb interviews dynamic Entrepreneurs, Ultrapreneurs, Creatives, and Media Professionals who reveal personal life stories and secrets to the success of ‘making it” in the world of entrepreneurship. Deb is the founder of Mission Accepted Media where she creates anthologies and books about people and business. She is the creator of the ever so popular Top Performance Day Planner and Tracker.

Deb loves music and is happiest when she is connecting with people that she knows will benefit from meeting each other, and, if you were to go to her home, you would be greeted with a table of “treats” that look like she took over Willy Wonka’s candy shop!

Simply reply to this message and let’s set up a time to discuss this WONDERFUL opportunity. deb@debdrummond.com










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