Deborah Drummond shows.

Deborah brings such dynamic energy to all she does along with a passion for helping people reach their abundant goals in life. Speaking to the importance of our whole health mind, body, inside and out, and that we can do anything at any age if we take of ourselves and invest in our well beingness.



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Deborah was born in and lives in Vancouver, Canada.  A mother of her two favourite people, her determined daughter, Chloae (26) and her entrepreneurial son, Ocean (16).  She loves the vibe of the arts and the creativity of entrepreneurship.  Deborah is highly recognized as a pioneer for women in business in Canada for close to 30 years.  With a strong background in holistic healthcare, anti-aging and wellness, and business success, she is a sought after speaker and MC.  She has been nominated and awarded by many corporate and grassroots organizations for her talents and success, including the Royal Bank of Canada, Woman of Distinction, Misbehaving Women of the Year award, and The Wendy McDonald award. 

She has been listed in Success Magazine multiple times, been seen on multiple TV shows, and can be heard on many radio stations doing interviews.  She has had two radio shows of her own in recent years.  Her approach to business is much the same as her approach to life, and that is to go ALL in, play a FULL game, and play with HEART.  Deborah has been successful in building her career in local and international markets.  It is not unusual to bump into her at an airport.  Her reputation in excelling in never seen acquisition numbers and strategy follows her wherever she goes.  However, if you ever need to find her, you’ll have the most luck looking in the local art gallery, sitting quietly with her phone off.


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