YH23-07. Dr Ruchi Mishra Sharma. Rapid Transformational Therapy.

Your Health is Your Choice with Sara Troy, and her guest Dr Ruchi Mishra Sharma, on air from February 14th

Think of Rapid Transformational Therapy as  the shovel to dust off the true diamond that you really are , which is  lying beneath heaps and piles of  limiting beliefs, shoulds, should nots, not good enoughs, overthinking, self doubt, procrastination, underplaying yourself. 

-What is it that leads to overthinking, procrastination, self doubt, followed by strategies to combat it.

-You   were all born to let your inner light shine bright, please don’t dim it to make others around you feel comfortable.

-Our subconscious governs 95 % of our daily lives.

-Procrastination is the outward result of fear of failure and fear of judgement.

-The mind learns by repetition.

-The mind cannot hold conflicting beliefs.

-The mind respond to pictures and words you install.

-The quality of your inner dialogues determines the quality of your life.

-Inner child healing is a very important aspect of achieving and living at our best potential. Almost all subconscious self limiting beliefs take root during our very early years on earth.

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I trained as a medical doctor, specialising further become an eye specialist.

I have been working in the National Health Services UK since 2013.

I was pretty burnt out working full time. Becoming a new mum and COVID lockdowns came in all together in 2021. I ended up in a really dark place. I had to get myself out of there.  This gave me time for introspection, go deeper to look for what is it that I am truly called for. My desperate search led me to Marisa Peer via Mind valley quests ( online learning platform ). 

Rapid Transformational therapy transformed my life and I listened to my inner calling  to train in rapid transformational therapy. This was August 2021, when my son was 4 months old. I did the virtual online training and then the live training. As RTT transformed my life and I offer RTT sessions  to help others find the true diamond with unlimited talent and possibilities that they really are by helping them get rid of the limiting beliefs and be the true authentic self there are meant to be


I still love working as a medical doctor, I have found more balance in my life. I work two days a week in the hospital setting and rest of the week I am providing life transforming RTT sessions and working on my own personal growth, development and of course being the best mum that I can be to my toddler son…..

1) ‘Reverse  gap’is an exercise I learned while doing the ‘Be extraordinary quest’ on Mindvalley  learning platform by Vishen Lakhiani 

2)I learned the practice of ‘the magic I witnessed today ‘ from the Mindvalley quest – Your sixth sense, your super power by Sonia Choquette.

 3) The definition of ‘hell’ I have mentioned is by Tim Han, which I learned while doing the Life Mastery Achievers (LMA) course 

-The following is a inner child healing and meditation recording I have made as a give away for all the audience of the podcast.

Inner child healing.mp3





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