IG23-32. Linda Orsini, “A Call for Love.”

Ignite Your Heart and Soul with Sara Troy and her guest Linda Orsini, on air from August 8th

Be inspired to heal from the inside out with Linda, the host of the “A Call For Love” podcast, drawing from her 30+ year career as an educator. As the founder of Global Wellness Education and certified in meditation, mindfulness teaching, yoga, Reiki healing, and more, Linda wholeheartedly embraces holistic practices. Through her sharing of ancient teachings, you’ll uncover the power to transmute fear and suffering into love through mind-body-spirit and self-compassion practices. Guided by the teachings of masters, Linda helps you overcome emotional fear, stress, and anxiety, embracing self-compassion to illuminate the path towards living with a lighter heart, nurturing personal growth, clarity, and love, while embracing your interconnectedness in the fabric of collective consciousness. Linda’s empowering words will lead you towards a profound journey of wholeness and compassion, catalyzing transformative change from within.

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Meet Linda Orsini, an advocate for personal transformation, founder of Global Wellness Education, and host of the inspiring podcast “A Call for Love.” She guides individuals towards inner peace, and greater health, and influences the world with loving-kindness. With over 30 years of experience as a school teacher, Linda empowers others to unlock their magnificence, achieve emotional breakthroughs, and live with lighter hearts through mindful presence and self-compassion, fostering a path to healthier and happier lives. Her heart-centred approach cultivates personal growth, clarity, and love, fostering awareness of our interconnectedness in the fabric of collective consciousness, leading to wholeness and compassion for all. Linda is an influential speaker, teacher, and coach dedicated to personal transformation, specializing in mindful self-compassion, meditation, yoga, Reiki energy and sound healing, and hypnotherapy.

On “A Call for Love” podcast, she draws on her 30+ years of experience as a school teacher, overcoming anxiety, stress, and adrenal and soul fatigue, to teach others the skills to release emotional suffering to live healthier and happier.

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