23-37. Balancing all the Balls

Sara Troy on Sara’s View of Life, on air from September 12th

“It’s a funny thing about life. We send our wishes, hopes, and dreams out into the vastness, almost like throwing a message in a bottle into the ocean, hoping that the universe will answer. We meticulously chart out our paths, believing we’ve accounted for every twist and turn. We anticipate a rhythm, expecting milestones to unveil themselves one at a time. But here’s the catch: the universe has its own rhythm, its own mysterious cadence that doesn’t always align with our carefully laid plans.

And now, here I am. I waited, I hoped, and sometimes even doubted. But just when I least expected it, the universe delivered. It didn’t hand me one answer; it showered me with all of them, all at once. It’s like waiting for a bus on a cold winter’s day for what feels like hours, and then three show up simultaneously. It’s overwhelming, thrilling, and a tad bit intimidating.

So, the challenge I face isn’t about the waiting anymore. It’s about juggling these blessings, these opportunities that have suddenly been thrust upon me. I find myself in the thick of it all, doing a delicate balancing act, ensuring that not a single ball drops. It’s a reminder that life’s gifts don’t always come in expected packages or on our timeline. Sometimes, it’s a flood when we were bracing for a drizzle. But amidst the chaos, there’s a lesson, a hidden blessing, teaching us agility, resilience, and the power of embracing the unexpected.”

“Oh, the whirlwind of life! Just as I’m finalizing my memories and moments for my memoir, a labor of love that has traveled with me through time, I’m also nurturing the seeds of ‘Our Forgotten Children.’ book series, which is so close to my heart, it not only demands creative energy but also the challenge of fundraising to produce the anthology. Our children’s need need to be protected and we must change in the way we raise and invest in our children. Yet, there’s more. With two TV platforms beckoning, the spotlight and the screens are waiting, each requiring its own set of preparations, energy, and vision. And amidst all this beautiful chaos, I’m packing my bags for a month-long escape to see family ( and finish editing books). The universe sure has a quirky sense of timing! But here’s the deal: I’m ready. One page, one child’s story, one screen, and one day at a time.”

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