MH23-38. Nick Motycka from PTSD to Breakthrough.

Mental Health Awareness with Sara Troy and her guest Nick Motycka, on air September 19th

After a 15 plus year career in law enforcement I had unresolved trauma to process. After a breakthrough, formerly known as a breakdown, I knew that I needed to face these traumas and set off on a path to do just that. But, after a year and half of traditional therapies I was not getting back to myself. With my back up against the wall I found a Shaman / Psychologist and psychedelic assisted therapy. In one afternoon, I not only faced my collected traumas but I successfully processed them. 

After experiencing this profound healing, I am on a mission to share my story to show others that there is hope and alternatives to traditional western therapies. My story has the potential to help anyone suffering with unprocessed trauma. Healing is very possible and leads to growth, as my story will show.  

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Nick grew up in Alberta with a father who was a member of the RCMP. This along with his wounded inner child had a major influence on his law enforcement career choice. Nick went on to spend his entire adult life, 23 years, in various enforcement related positions; security, loss prevention, bylaw services, Canada Customs, Court and Prisoner Services, as a regular member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and finally as a member of the Calgary Police Service. Nick spent time on the street with both agencies, in a Crime Reduction Unit, Drug Unit, Drug Undercover Street Team, Gang Suppression Team and finally a short stint in the Public and Media Relations Unit before his breakthrough, formally known as a breakdown, on September 16th, 2020. 

Nick was diagnosed with PTSD and set off on a journey to finally process the traumas collected during his career in law enforcement. A year and half in, countless psychologist and occupational therapist appointments later, he was able to finally get the help that he needed; one psilocybin assisted therapy session. With clear intentions and a strong willingness to do the work, Nick went from severe PTSD to no longer meeting the criteria for any diagnosis. 

With a new sense of clarity and the amazing support of his family, Nick resigned from the only profession that he had ever known. Nick now spends his time sharing his story of healing and post traumatic growth while going all in on his dream to bring consciously made, natural fiber clothing to the world through his apparel brand; Flow State Designs!

Nick Motycka (@nickmotycka.flow.state.designs) •

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