C15/44b The Social Movement & The Power of Peace

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Kaare Long aired from November 3rd on. 

Named after a famous Viking Warrior I had a lot to live up to.

80da60ce48d12a3392b8d374385fa483I think I’ve done pretty good, and lived up to the tenacity, passion, sardonic humour, boat rocking and deep loyalty that my name engenders.

My life has been pretty hectic, messy, scary and full of incredible moments. These repeated, and so-called ‘failures’ I’ve experienced have culminated in a full life thus far. They’ve informed, crafted and transformed me in some incredibly profound ways. Now that I am in my 40’s – mid-life, and all that – I realize how important all those failures, heartaches, heartbreaks, mistakes, wrong choices, BAAAD choices and everything thing in between have been. A survivor of abuse and heartache everything is a lesson in THRIVAL. All that I have been through has designed the person I am proud to be today – and it’s pretty KICK ASS if I say so myself.


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405465_10150548773215589_630255588_11033886_2090001168_nKaare Long is a single mom to two beautiful daughters who are growing up quickly. She is the Creative Director of her own Business, a Cue Creative Consulting, an online digital communications agency and the executive director and founder of the Social Movement ‘#sayhitoastranger’ which has become a popular event in the City of Vancouver, B.C. and has recently been nominated for the ‘Power of Peace’ award from the YMCA. Kaare is also a professional performer—musician, actor and vocalist. Creativity is her driving force, along with Community and Connection. She believes that we can do so much more working together than we can in competition to each other. Kaare mentors younger cohorts and believes that sharing what she has learned with vulnerability and authenticity is the best way to have it serve a deeper purpose. “I’ve struggled along the way, but we all do. And if we can understand early in our lives that failure is the most important part of our growing up, then perhaps we might enjoy it a bit more. I’ve made it my mission to share this philosophy and guide and support and empower as many women in business as I can.” ~ Kaare Long

Kaare’s Empowering story of surviving abuse and who it has led her to be today.

12115554_10156104499705316_7456275123625023208_nNote: I write this article based on my own experience and perspective as a woman with a man, but men can also be the victims in this dynamic and same-sex relationships can have this dynamic.  



Say Hi to a stranger project acueconsulting.com/project

Kaare Long

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