IG20-46 Malika, Opening Your Heart to Source

Ignite your heart and soul with Sara Troy and her guest Malika, on air November 11th

To have people connect to their joyful essence by being empowered and making a different choice.

Opening Your Heart to Source- My life changed with primordial sound meditation. The mantra given to me is divinely intelligent. It knew exactly what pathway to guide me onto, how to integrate all parts of myself, what situations to navigate me through. The Archangels started showing up for me as a result of my consistent devotion through primordial sound meditation. I could connect with them much easier because I was more aligned to my divine self. The world started opening up for me in a totally different manner—it’s like taking the red pill in the Matrix and jumping into a new reality.

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Malika is a primordial sound meditation teacher trained by the Chopra Center. Primordial sound meditation is a technique to merge back into Source through sound and vibration. The mantra is the vibration of your soul and unlocks hidden unlimited potential. Malika is also training with the Archangels, using tools to neutralize programs/beliefs and work with multidimensional layers. By the end of 2021, Malika plans to start retreats in India to connect local Indian women with western women at a deeper soul level to get into the feeling state of Source and teach divine intimacy, connection, and primordial sound meditation. 

Off course, it is different for each soul based on where you are at in your own journey but it accelerates the process of you merging back into Source. This mantra is calculated based on the vibration of your soul to transmute all conditioning and trauma into light. It takes you back into the unlimited infinite potential of who you truly are (like hitting the reset button). You’re allowing Source to directly show you the way and a new relationship with life is created. I was strong enough to get back up again from my traumas and the abandonment of my mother multiple times because of my choice to devote myself to Source and the Archangels directly.

How much Source Power are you willing to tap into? We all have equal capacity and ability to tap into Source because we are made of the same. How much are you willing to open your heart to Source?  How much are you willing to be your truth? Can you believe in the truth of the nonphysical more than the physical reality? Everything in the nonphysical can be felt through the heart. My path is through the heart. My intention is to get people into the feeling state of Source and the aliveness that exists in everything in Creation. Allowing Divine Mother and Father to let their love be known to you because they love you like crazy. All of creation is excitedly waiting for you to experience your truth.

You have the whole universe at your feet. It’s about how deep and intimate are you willing to experience life. My divine self is my own best friend, soulmate, sister etc. She gently kisses me as I wake up. It’s a feeling of ‘I made it’. I made it back to myself after all the years of pain, conditioning, illusion, struggle, fear etc. My mantra has been the biggest gift from the divine to me because it was the divine calling me back into itself so sweetly.

I am a primordial sound meditation teacher trained by The Chopra Center and now training with the Archangels. I have been travelling around the world since six years. I grew up with my mother’s parents until the age of seven and had to change families and countries at the age of seven as my father had custody, and because there was a war between the two families, I never saw my mother or her parents again. As my father was aggressive, I left home at the age of 20 years to start a new life and I was lead on a deeper spiritual journey to discover my divine self and transmute the traumas and conditioning into pure light.

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