22-03 The Perception of Your Colours

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from January 18th

I have often spoken on air about True Colours, a personality trait program that shows you your perceptions and how you listen and interact with people. When we truly understand how we see life and can hear and see how others see it too, then we can really communicate in a more transforming way.

There are both right from their point of view.

When I discovered my True Colours, it was a liberation, I finally knew why I was different from my family and those that I loved, and it was permission for me to embrace who I am for what I am. Now 22 years later, in my knowingness of my perceptions and core truth, I not only share this in everything I do but teach it too.

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We help you to discover your S.E.L.F by knowing what your true personality trait is and who you really are in all your layers in the very purpose of your authentic life and its compatibility and relationship with self. When we have that understanding of self we are more informed on how to react and interact with the world. Communication is key and speaking from your authenticity opens people up to truly listen to you. 

Our elements along with our personality traits and all your Astrology -Numerology,  Chineseoligy correlationand View of Life gives us a rounded picture of our perceptions and interactions with self and all others.

The Discovery of Self program is waiting for you here.

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