YH22-05 Everything is in Divine Order with Kathleen and Beatrice.

Your Health is Your Choice with Sara Troy and her guests Beatrice Enter and Kathleen Woodington, on air from February 1st


“This interview is an invitation for people who:

: feel frustrated, confused and disempowered with the medical community

: feel like nobody gets them, no one understands them

: feels like you are in the ‘mystery category’

: no one has any answers

: Kathleen gets it, she was there. She is doing this to be a beacon of hope for what is possible.

In this interview, Kathleen and Beatrix will unpack Kathleen’s health issue that was healed on her birthday on May 28, 2021. 

Kathleen shares her 4.5-year journey from hopelessness, to hope to healed.

Having been told “we have no idea what is causing your problem, and this is the most extreme case we have ever see,” Kathleen decided to take matters into her own hands. Literally.

She also did her deep inner work, learned to feel and heal her emotions, accepted what was, and then surrendered. 

When she was ready for her miracle healing Beatrix Enter appeared in her life.

Everything is in Divine Order.

Beatrix Enter serves as a bridge between the physical and the nonphysical the earth plane and other dimensions/realms.

Accessing another plane of existence allows Beatrix to resolve/uncover the root cause of a physical manifestation/illness/issue.

Beatrix Enter shares how the emotional aspect as well as the spiritual aspect are separate but blend together.

If you are ready for a new approach to your ‘old problem’, listen up, lean in, and learn how to take control of your health and empower yourself.”

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Disclaimer, this is not medical advice. It is my lived experience.

Our intention is to empower, educate (breaking down the stigma around talking about shit, bowel movements, and elimination), and to give people hope.

Also, our intention and message STARTS with my former health issue and expands to ANY health issue that does not ‘fit into the medical model’ meaning western medicine has no answers and no solutions.  Beatrix works with clients with a wide variety of health issues, not just bowel health.  We don’t want to limit our interview to just talking about bowel health and bowel movements. 

Beatrix will talk about the mental/emotional and spiritual aspects for possible solutions. We are heralding in the new age of health care where people take back their power. Also, western medicine is not bad, and alternate is good. It’s not black or white but rather integrating both systems to optimize our well-being. Meaning I had tests to determine ‘there is nothing physical’ which was helpful however western medicine did not offer a solution.  I had to go deeper. 

We are multi-dimensional beings having a human experience. We are not just physical beings.





Beatrix Enter is Bringing People to the Next Level of Emotional Thriving

Beatrix Enter really cares about people and is a passionate skilled communicator. She uses her gifts of receiving amazing information from the nonphysical plant to help people reach levels in their lives they did not believe were possible.
When accessing other planes, information comes through, it could be medical, emotional, spiritual, psychic and intrabody communication. The information coming forward in so many ways, it may be grounding, clearing emotional blockages, bringing bodies back towards health, blending spirit information helping bring individuals to a place where they can thrive.
Witnessing clearing and healing from past and present lives which may be integrated with communication within our bodies brings us quicker to emotional wow and wonder. Beatrix connects to spirit with light and love.
Our souls remember and helping people clear unresolved issues, seeing the healing of individuals, is so rewarding, that Beatrix left the corporate world, to focus on making a difference, witnessing the emotional and physical triumph.