YH22-40. Perfect Sense with Becky Wolfe

Your Health Is Your Choice Sara Troy and her guest Becky Wolfe, on air from September 27th

That is, the idea that health and leadership coaching can go hand in hand. Understanding who you are as a person, seeking the health and balance you want from life and understanding what motivates you are possible.  I believe that people are searching for peace, health and balance, but they are struggling to find what makes sense for them.  I’m passionate about helping people understand who they are so they can become healthy, happy and free.  Finding peace in your relationship with food and your body as well as finding peace in your purpose is what inspires me to be a coach.  

Becky Wolfe is a Leadership Development Specialist focusing on organizational change specifically focused on burnout within teams.  She is a certified Coach/Consultant with GiANT Worldwide and has a background in healthcare.  

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Becky started her career as a Physician Assistant in 2006 initially working in the ER.  She spent the bulk of her career working in Cardiology where she became frustrated with the current healthcare model.  While she was a practicing PA in Cardiology, Becky decided to get certified as a health coach to help her patients with their own well-being. Becky got certified through NSHC which is a clinician-based certification program focusing on motivational interviewing to help patients on their journey to live healthier lives. 

After she got certified, Becky started a program in her Cardiology Clinic as a free source of information and motivation for her patients to attend. The program had great response and she found that patients were able to obtain their health goals with the proper tools and coaching.  Becky was the wellness advocate in that clinic and offered one and one support and coaching to staff and patients as needed.

Becky I also began a blog in 2014 and wrote to inspire women who were on their own health and wellness path.  She continued health coaching individually and in groups during this time. 

She also co-founded a real estate investing business with her then husband in 2012 through 2020.  

In 2017, the cardiology clinic closed its doors abruptly and Becky was faced with finding employment in another field.  She went on to work in Urgent Care, but realized that she wanted to shift to coaching full-time.

In 2018 to 2019, Becky decided to invest in her own professional development and began a leadership development course through GiANT worldwide.  At the end of 2019, it was clear to Becky that she needed to pursue coaching full-time. She got certified with GiANT to so she could work with organizations to help them with strategic people development.

Becky started working with a health coaching company initially in 2020 and started her leadership development company later that year.  She built up her business and now is a full-time entrepreneur focusing on helping teams move forward from burnout culture.  





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