23-10. Is it Us verses Them or can we love?

Sara’s View Of Life with Sara Troy, on air from March 7th

Divide and conquer, does it really work? We love to put people in boxes, sort them by colour, race, sex, income, but why can we not see each other as part of one human race, a more loving race?

For so long people have rightly complained about their treatment from Western folk, so many women have suffered at the hand of a insecure angry man, and even in 2023, we are still speaking to the same old same old crap, and it seems unable to move on.

When we realize that we each and everyone one of us, is either the problem or the solution, we can start looking into our selves and decide to heal for the pain, the atrocities and take back our own power with love, first love of self, and life and love in each other.

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