IG23-47. Karen Michalson, and Our Creative Spirit

Ignite Your Heart and Soul with Sara Troy and her guest Karen Michalson, on air from November 21st

We are Speaking of law, madness, alienation, music, creativity, divinity, and other interesting matters, and how to ignite the creative spirit amongst the chaos.

Karen Michalson, musician and author of several award-winning novels, including THE MAENAD’S GOD and THE ENEMY GLORY TRILOGY (ENEMY GLORY, HECATE’S GLORY, and THE KING’S GLORY) returns to continue our conversation about the ancient spiritual war against art and creativity, which is really a war against our true selves.

Is creativity (not just in the arts, but in all areas of human endeavor), an inalienable aspect of being human, and if it is, why do so many of us feel the need to hide it? Where does this unearned sense of shame around being our true selves come from?  Why should external forces dictate how we see and know ourselves?  Other topics to be continued from our 8/28/23 podcast include:

  • Alienation. Why some people are cynical and ‘done with society’?
  • The nature of divinity; creativity as a way into some kind of higher reality; imagination as a sacred space
  • How creativity is an art of rebellion – and a healing force
  • The degree to which reality and fantasy inform each other
  • Whether creating a private world is a subversive act against a toxic culture.

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Michalson explores these ideas in THE MAENAD’S GOD, the story of a spiritual war that’s been fought for thousands of years; the war between the ancient arts of music, poetry, and love; and the equally ancient forces of artistic envy, oppressive law, and authoritarian religion:

Boston 1992. Pete Morrow is an alienated FBI agent whose only escape from the colleagues and society he despises is through reading literary classics. When his boss sends him to warn away a drug dealer on an obscure army base, he discovers a murder and becomes obsessed with Jade McClellan, a mysterious man from Toronto whose rock band just performed at the crime scene. Tough-guy Morrow has never been in love before—but Jade is almost magical, an embodiment of myth and literature who creates living fantasies that rapidly become the only thing Morrow values in his otherwise miserable life.  But there’s a problem. Morrow is investigating a mafia family that is investing in Jade’s musical career. Being open about their relationship could get both of them killed.

THE MAENAD’S GOD was selected as a finalist for the 2023 IAN (Independent Author Network) Book of the Year Awards, in the LGBTQ+ Fiction category. 

Here’s the link: https://www.independentauthornetwork.com/2023-botya-winners.html



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