YH23-47. Douglas Slakey MD, Health Care Improvement

Your Health is Your Choice with Sara Troy and her guest Douglas Slakey, MD MPH, on air from November 21st.

In The Process Manifesto, author Douglas Slakey, MD MPH, advocates for process improvement that empowers teams to optimize patient care. 

Each of us will be both a patient and caregiver at some point in our lives. We all want a healthcare system that supports everyone.  In The Process Manifesto, Dr. Doug Slakey guides caregivers, patients, and healthcare organizations to obtain the best clinical outcomes with respect and compassion.

Despite remarkable medical advances, knowledge, and training, patient care remains fragmented, frustrating, and expensive, especially from the patient’s perspective.  Solutions for caregivers, especially those on the frontlines, remain elusive.  This book helps to demystify the complex reality of our healthcare system. It provides the tools to empower people and teams to provide the most effective, safe, and reliable care.  

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Dr. Slakey’s ten core principles for complex system process management will:

  1. Guide the creation of processes that ensure patient-centric care and outcomes are the ultimate measures of success. 
  2. Empower people and teams by implementing processes that optimize human performance. 
  3. Show how highly reliable processes effectively align resources with individual patient needs. 
  4. Create value by increasing efficiency and effectiveness and reducing error and waste. 
  5. Increase patient and staff satisfaction.   

We need compassionate healthcare systems that work well for all. Doug inspires readers to advocate for improved processes to drive meaningful, patient-centric care.   

In an interview, Doug can talk about:

  • Managing complexity, the complex world of healthcare.
  • Empowering teams to provide the most reliable, high-value patient care.
  • Empowering patients to advocate for patient-centric healthcare.
  • Using education and training to improve the performance of healthcare teams.
  • Aligning resources to meet individual patient needs: improving access and reducing disparities.
  • Driving change with respect and compassion for the provider and the patient.

Dr. Douglas Slakey is an internationally recognized transplant surgeon, educator, healthcare professional, and administrator. Doug is currently a professor of surgery at the University of Illinois, Chicago, and the president of Process Health Consulting, a healthcare consultancy focused on enhancing and optimizing operations and process flow, emphasizing complex system management strategies that optimize patient outcomes.  He is a global educator and speaker who inspires healthcare teams to provide effective, compassionate patient care. 


Douglas Slakey, MD, MPH



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