20-23 Self Discovery is 7 y.old

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on-air June 2nd

June 2013 I started my own Podcast network, we have been a few names since then and evolved quite a bit, but still, the core of our “Why” and whom we bring to you is still the same, as by supporting those making a difference in the lives of others.

I truly have found my calling, this is what I have been preparing for all my life and of cause did not know it. My journey has been one of my own Self Discovery, and a path to loving who I am inside and out.


It truly is an honour to be trusted with so many people’s stories, some so intermit and venerable that it warms your heart and shows us all how strong, resilient courageous and capable we can really be.

I hosted on a different network when I first started out, live shows which gave me some good training in dealing with the unexpected. Even when I started my own network with the help of Bill Macquie, it was learning as you go.

Now I do all my own banners, editing, videoing, and blogging and advertising my self. I am proud of that, even though it takes a long time for each show to produce, I love doing it and so glad this is my job. (Yes I do charge my interviewees as I am a service)

I have not reached my true goal as yet, podcast books, supporting the Fund-Action program, but I have started our Community Mentors program where our Mentors share their services which helps others on their life’s journey. So please Check out Self Discovery Community to see more of what we have and what is to come.

If you have a journey you wish to share, a service that helps people, and some thing that will inspire others, please BE OUR GUEST.


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